Biggest ever CYDEC 2023 conference brings AI, Crypto and EdTech to forefront

Technology visionaries and experts in the latest trends for the new digital economy will converge in Cayman for CYDEC 2023, the Cayman Islands Digital Economy Conference, on 28 June 2023 at the Westin Grand Cayman. Now in its sixth year, presenters will explore game-changing innovation on the path to digital transformation in the Cayman Islands. CYDEC 2023 is a ‘must-attend event’ for anyone interested in Cayman’s digital future.

This year’s conference will be bigger than ever, focussing on the theme of the ‘Evolution of Technology’ with double the complement of international speakers in previous years, bringing an eclectic and dynamic range of tech talent to the Cayman Islands. In addition to its cutting-edge agenda, CYDEC 2023 offers next-level networking possibilities. With attendees from the tech sector, the financial industry, government leaders, and the wider community…

“As the Cayman Islands gears up to truly embrace the incredible opportunities presented by the digital economy, CYDEC has become pivotal over the past six years, to the free exchange of ideas and the discussion over the most appropriate path to navigate sometimes unseen challenges, which will be crucial to Cayman’s future economic health.” said Paul Byles, the Founder of CYDEC and Director of FTS.

CYDEC 2023 will pivot between four equally compelling and highly disruptive topics: Artificial Intelligence (AI), EdTech, Web 3.0, as well as Crypto and the fallout from FTX. The full day event starts at 8.45 am and is held in partnership with the Title Sponsor: The Ministry of Investment, Innovation, and Social Development.

In terms of AI, 2023 so far has been dominated by the rise of ChatGPT, which reached 100 million monthly active users just two months after launch, becoming the fastest-growing consumer application in history. From hyper personalisation, low-code optimisation and augmented analytics to generative AI, it’s almost impossible to imagine the advances still to come in the AI space. 

Developments have been so rapid, that tech leaders, including Elon Musk, recently made the argument for a six-month pause in developing advanced AI systems due to potential risks to society and humanity. CYDEC 2023 will look across the AI Spectrum, encompassing the Business, Social and Personal aspects of this technology in one high profile panel discussion, while the presentation ‘AI & ChatGPT: To Fear or Embrace’ by Laura McBain, Managing Director of Stanford d School, will encapsulate many of those concerns, as well as the seemingly limitless potential of AI.

AI has also been making waves in EdTech, and while it is becoming increasingly well understood that simply introducing technology such as laptops into the classroom doesn’t automatically make students learn more – and can often be counter-productive – the approach we take towards EdTech in the Cayman Islands will have major implications for the future of our children.

Kwaku Aning, Director of the Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking (CIET) at the San Diego Jewish Academy is a leading consultant on learning methods, utilising robotics, AI, augmented reality, virtual reality, and projection mapping. Kwaku’s presentation on Tech’s Role in the Evolution of Learning, will break down not only how technology is impacting the way we learn, but whether we need to change anything.

As crypto innovation continues at pace in a market that has absorbed the collapse of the Terra ecosystem and the FTX bankruptcy, Web 3.0 challenges include interoperability between blockchains and barriers to user adoption. Ariam Mogos, Emerging Tech + Education Lead, Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford, will lead the discussion at CYDEC 2023 when he explains why Web 3.0 matters. Later in the day, another panel will look at the impact of crypto on ‘ordinary people’, from the standpoint of the FTX fallout and the likely implementation of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). 

“We are thrilled with the depth of our programme and the exceptional talent we have lined up for CYDEC 2023 and pleased to be working again with the Ministry of Innovation and Investment. This conference presents a unique opportunity to connect, in a really dynamic way, innovators and experts with government leaders, investors and everyone just interested in Cayman’s digital future and the transformed digital economy we have now.” Mr. Byles added.

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