25Jun, 2020
1Welcome remarksPaul Byles 09:00 AM
2Opening remarks The Hon. Tara Rivers, JP, MLA 09:05 AM
3The Cayman Islands payment system – Where to Next? - A white paper by on the status of the local payment system.Jason Butcher 09:20 AM
4Panel Discussion - The Cayman lesson - what have we learnt about our digital economy?Jason Butcher , Ryan Watson , Alee Fa’amoe 09:45 AM
5Inaugural CYDEC Innovation Presentation Adam Lambert 10:05 AM
6AI: a presentation on how far AI has come and why we don’t need to fear it.Dr Chris Brauer 10:25 AM
7Panel Discussion - How do we coexist in the increasingly advanced tech world?Matt Vaughan , Adam Lambert , Dr Chris Brauer 10:50 AM
8Coffee Break11:10 AM
9The full story: How has tech and cybersecurity impacted compliance and risk management?Peter McKiernan 11:20 AM
10KEYNOTE: The truth about Big Data: a presentation on how our data is already being used by business and governments and what we can do about it.Inma Martinez 11:40 AM
11Panel Discussion - Do we really have control over our data? How much privacy do we need to give up? Peter McKiernan , Inma Martinez , Paul Byles 12:05 PM
12Closing Remarks Paul Byles 12:25 PM