09.00 – 09.05
Welcome remarks Tammi Sulliman, Conference MC 


09.15 – 09.35

Cayman’s New Digital Identity. The what, why and how! Ian Tibbetts, Ministry of Investment, Innovation and Social Development


09.35 – 09.50

The Dawn of Decentralised Due Diligence Adam Lambert, Zimtra


09.50 – 10.15

PANEL DISCUSSION: What can we do to improve Cayman’s adoption of digitisation of identity and KYC?



10.25 – 10.45

Bitcoin; here to stay? An update on one of the more popular cryptocurrencies Justin Fisher, Veriblock


10.45 – 11.00

Should the Cayman Islands introduce a digital currency? Marla Dukharan, Caribbean Economist


11.00 – 11.25

PANEL DISCUSSION: The benefits and risks of joining the trend towards currency digitisation



11.35 – 11.40

VIDEO: Into the zone. Fascinating insight into some of the major technology companies operating in the Special Economic Zone and what they are doing. Cayman Enterprise City


11.40 – 12.00

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Global trends in digitisation. How it started, how it’s going James Alexander, Future Agenda


12.00 – 12.25

PANEL DISCUSSION: Cayman 3.0: How far behind are we in the digital revolution? What do we need to do to catch up?


12.25 – 12.30

Wrap up and Closing remarks Paul Byles, FTS